Thursday, 14th May 2020
Wibo Unicorn tears by Anna Rapcińska, advertising photographer based in Gdańsk, fotograf reklamowy w Gdańsku

#portfoliobuilding Unicorn tears - the final image

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working"
— Pablo Picasso
Recently I've been really drawn to hard light mimicking sun. Or the sun itself, for that matter ;)
It might not be showing in my portfolio (yet) but certainly I am working on it!
Here is the very recent piece I am especially proud of. Unicorn tears. 
I love the pink look of the bottle and the complementary background makes it really pop. 
To be honest, I had troubles coming up with the idea of how to present the product and figuring it out took me a couple of days. 
I had the composition in my mind. Something was missing though. I sketched it up on a piece of paper. My glance fell on upon a bunch of felt-tip pens that were collecting dust. I decided it is time to play with colour, the old-school kind of way. First, I picked the pink to match the bottle. Then yellow/orange, trying to mimic gold. And finally, to achieve the triadic colour scheme, I figured out the third colour should be blue-turquoise-ish sort of tone. I decided to leave the base white to match the cap. And voilà!
All that was left to do was to decide on the lighting. As I mentioned before, hard light had been occupying my mind for quite a while. It would perfectly compliment the product showcasing its beautiful colour. 
I did not even try to fight this idea, just surrendered to the God of Creativity and let everything fall nicely into place. As soon as I added the strong shadow to the concept sketch I knew that was IT.
The base is made just of a piece of thick photographic paper that I folded in half and put it at the edge of the plane. I love how the side light beautifully enhanced the paper's texture.
The flare wasn't present in my initial idea. I introduced it in post to add some life to the picture. You can argue if it steals all the attention from the product. In my opinion it enhances the fairy vibe of the product so I left it that way. Hey, it's unicorn after all!
Behind the scenes

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